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Podcast Weekly Round Up

Weekly Podcast Roundup 6

Another week another round of podcasts. We did both The Blue Recluse and Nerd This! this week. I did a small mistake by forgetting my laptop at work where the records were stored. So I couldn’t edit the podcasts and release them until Tuesday. Oopsie!

The Blue Recluse – Episode 219: Dragons for Hirde

It has been a good two Blizzard weeks since we did the last show. Because there was actually news!

And a lot of it. New map and new hero for Overwatch and warm up for the new Hearthstone expansion was the big hitters.

Nerd This! – Issue #24: My First Time…

Over at Nerd This! we took a quick stroll down memory lane looking back at some of our firsts.

First cinema visit
First video game memory
First geek book series
First console we purchased

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