Podcast Weekly Round Up

Weekly Podcast Roundup 6

Another week another round of podcasts. We did both The Blue Recluse and Nerd This! this week. I did a small mistake by forgetting my laptop at work where the records were stored. So I couldn’t edit the podcasts and release them until Tuesday. Oopsie! The Blue Recluse – Episode 219: Dragons for Hirde It has been a good two Blizzard weeks since we did the last show. Because there was actually news! And a…

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The Internet

The Editing Could Be Better

A few weeks ago Pewdiepie covered a Dr. Phil episode where we see a guy who wants to name change to Goose Wayne who in his spare time is the alter ego Batman. Pewdiepie did a video on it and Goose later saw this video and commented on it with the comment “The editing could be better”. This didn’t sit well with Pewdiepie’s editor who simply had to respond to Goose. Like Pewdiepie or not,…

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