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Podcast Weekly Round Up

Weekly Podcast Roundup 1

My year has finally started when it comes to podcasting. After a months break it felt (sort of) good to finally get back to podcasting again.

The Blue Recluse – Episode 216: What Happens Now?

The reason I say sort of is because of the state of Blizzard Entertainment these days.

A lot of news has been coming out of there that haven’t exactly been stellar. But we talk a lot about it in this weeks episode of The Blue Recluse.

Find the episode by clicking here

Nerd This! – Issue #19: Expectations for 2019: Part 1

Over at Nerd This! Podcast I spoke with Dusty about games, movies, TV-shows and more that we are looking forward to in 2019.

Thom was supposed to be on the show as well this week, but had to cancel last minute. But I like the two people chatting format and I think the episode turned out really good!

Find the episode by clicking here

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